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Subject: an article appearing in Wikipedia entitled Body Piercing Materials
I call for the removal of the section on Stainless Steels in the Wikipedia article Body Piercing Materials that claims ASTM F138 certified 316LVM, is and should be, the standard body piercing material replacing the currently used non-certified 316L. My argument claims that safe usage of non-F138-certified 316L and the literature on stainless steels and biomaterials clearly favors maintaining the use of 316L because 316LVM provides no increase in benefits. The  views in the Wikipedia article are advocacy, masquerading as informational.


Subject:  an article written by Claire Chalmers, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of Scotland, Hamilton Campus, Almada Street, Hamilton ML30JB published in the Journal of Infection Prevention, May 2009 VOL. 10 NO. 3, pages 102 - 5
An analysis of Claire Chalmers' article that calls for stringently enforced new psycho-social regulations by the state to decrease the incidence of tattoo and piercing because the growing popularity endangers the passing on of Western Christian Heritage to the young.

Subject: The Broken Promise: Automation and Technology

Subject: The Economy
A view that the investment arm of the economy and the largest job-creating manufacturers invested in India instead of the U.S. causing the decline of the U.S. economy. Bernanke and Greenspan saw this coming but kept bolstering the housing section instead, to cover and hide the truth.

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