After a decade or more of a rising standard of living, by the 70's corporations realized that American workers' share of the good life could be withheld, that the American worker could be "had". The Promises to America that Automation and Technology (A&T) would increase the Standard of Living for everyone was no longer discussed as a goal for the social basis of America.

From the 50s America's children were taught the value of Automation and Technology.

Automation and Technology would

    Increase the gross value of the worker because more items are produced per labor hour.
    Decrease the gross cost of the item by reducing the selling price.
    Labor spends more increasing demand.
    The entrepreneur's gross return increases by sales outpacing cost.

The results of A&T were to be shared among three beneficiaries.

    The worker gets a raise ( a part )
    The consumer gets a lower price ( cost decreases reflected in decreasing prices )
    The employer makes more money by selling more items.
                 ( everyone gets a piece of the pie )

We were taught that our biggest problem would be what to do with our spare time.

Manufacturers responded by introducing automation and technology.   

    Labor pay went up
    But the selling prices were not reduced.
    Manufacturers now had two thirds of the pie.

The extra third of the pie that manufacturers kept that was supposed to be lower prices, is now used to decrease the labor cost effectively taking back the previous gains by investing the profits, which are derived from the purchases of workers,

Business, hand in hand with government, abrogated their part of the American Compact.

    The new unilateral compact called on entrepreneurs to increase their share of the pie. It became their duty because they "Owe it to the shareholders who set the goal to increase the percentage of profit return no longer to be derived from a starting point but by changing the formula of sharing.

    Using the profits derived from the sales to local labor purchasers, to replace local labor jobs with foreign production.